ES-200 Digital conference system

ES-200 CPU

1------------- audio input
2------------- video input
3------------- mic input
4------------- balance output
5------------- conference unit interface
6------------- TRE gain control
7------------- AC 220V/50Hz (fuse F2.5A)

System Overview and Features

With LCD windows in both main controller and speaking unit

Build-in feedback suppressor.

It set a limit switch to control the working unit at the same time,you can choice “1”,”3”or “6”to set up the number of personnel to speak at the same time.

System includes FIFO(first in first out), LIFO(late in first out), auto mode, discussing mode and chairman mode etc

AUX output and line output to fulfill external audio equipment, such as recorder
Tel in and Tel out for telephone coupler to realize remote conference
With 4 channels output, and each channel can support utmost 40 units. Up to 160 units in total
Supporting 4 chairman units

DS-200C(Inly Chairman unit)

DS-200C(Inlay Chairman unit)

ES-200C(Chairman unit)

ES-200D(Delegate unit)

Description for Microphone Unit
◆ Red ring indicator shows the active unit
◆ Built in loudspeaker、hedset jack and volume control.
◆ Hyper directional gooseneck microphone
◆ Luminous design for ON/OFF button
◆ With volume adjustment
◆ With priority button in chairman unit to override all the delegate unit

System Specification
DC power:AC220V/50Hz
maximum current:1A
central controller:232 port
C/D unit interface:8P-DIN port
audio input:RCA port/6.3 port XLR port
line output level:11dB
balance output level:11dB
audio input level:TEL input -15dB

Unit Specification
Connettion type:8P-DIN
DC power:DC24V
maximum current:60mA