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KTV Cara OK system operation experience points

2017-03-27 10:51:00

The core hardware KTV rooms in the cabinet, there are PC (or set top box), power amplifier, pre stage, centralized control, control etc.. All the equipment in the heat, so cooling rack is must be considered in the design, most of the customers are the unity of thought in the design of cabinet and cabinet door position is the appearance and style of the decoration, no heat dissipation design. In the course of business card printing machine, computer, network is often intermittent and so on "high fever disease", the cabinet cooling is the main way in the cabinet with ventilation, exhaust fan, do dust hole hollow door panel. If teachers can do air cooling passages. This cabinet temperature control at 40 degrees Celsius, the inside of the equipment can run well. For you to provide a stable environment.

There are a lot of "singer", rooms OK mixer mixer for Cara at the KTV club, that sometimes is always tuned more unhappy, it is difficult to achieve the best results. This paper introduces KTV rooms Cara OK system operation experience points for KTV operators and enthusiasts "singer".

1 inspiration, guidance, teaching and singing. People go to places of entertainment with the help of professional audio entertainment and recreation, in addition to tea, drinking, singing to myself. But most people are not a professional singer, not received basic training, lack of singing skills, do not use the microphone. Therefore we should first eliminate the concerns, the courage to boldly open throat singing. At the same time, to learn to use the phone. For example, the general songs available in the distance a pickup, microphone from the singer 20CM, if it is a lyric songs and singing softly, holding the microphone to be close miking, according to before and after their volume and emotional adjustment, to highlight the charm of singing.

Adjust sound quality, Volume.

2. Due to the KTV sing Cara OK, untrained people voice, sound quality is pure and the lack of brightness, male and female voice hoarse and guttural prone, prone to breath noise and defects. Therefore, the high frequency of more than 500MHz need to be removed, the low frequency below 100Hz is needed to be removed, while the band 3-6dB, in order to increase the brightness, the sound is clear and bright. In general the singer sounds is low and lack of loudness, so as far as possible to increase the volume, but also the frequency near 2000MHz to ascend, this treatment can also increase the loudness.

3. voice adjustment to combine the images. Cara OK source in the recording process, the balance between the instruments and singing of the ratio between the basic tone, combined with pictures and songs, each word with the figures of the movements and facial expressions. Therefore, the singer was singing in the screen of the artistic conception and the action of the protagonist, the mood of the infection, with the development of situation and the music and singing. In short, look and listen are inseparable, the size of the actual song field, with pictures to make corresponding adjustment, this adjustment in order to achieve the harmonious realm.

4. adjust the microphone volume and volume ratio. In general, a good song, on the sense distribution, generally should be music concert sound accounted for 40%, accounted for 60%. If the singer is not familiar with the rhythm of the song, can sing out of tune, not close shot, then appropriate to increase the number of accompaniment volume.

5. use reverb to touch up. The characteristics of KTV song, is in the electronic reverberation and sound, can some defect masking noise and sound. Male voice when singing, the general can be adjustable reverberation time is short, and the soprano singing may be appropriate to extend the reverberation time, in order to increase the voice of color. As for the concert environment around the room, if the walls are made of wood formation, which itself has a reverberation effect, then the reverberation time should be adjusted to avoid short, sound vague; in the absence of special requirements, can be adjustable reverberation knob in the middle position, namely the direct acoustic reverberation component and component ratio of roughly 1:1.Tuning the sound of screaming. 

6.KTV compartment. If you are prone to high and low frequency scream? The key is not in place is not decoration has built sound more obvious defects or both. Then you can try the microphone bass attenuation due to keep the 12 position, the treble or appropriate to enhance, then -- slow -- slow -- microphone volume to a high-frequency howling and the appropriate callback point to a safe level. Pay attention to the two microphone open at the same time the FBI, at least on the table in front of a speaker. That should get a microphone singing voice is clear and easy to effect the relative safety of the premise is the complete set of equipment (including a microphone frequency response is flat, is said to have good quality. If the hardware is the inherent need not laborious. The device's get it). If the microphone gain is not the only or the main channel in the microphone channels into 31 balanced pulling howl frequency.