ES-300 Digital conference system

ES-300 CPU

System Overview and Features
◆ With LCD windows in both main controller and speaking unit
◆ Easy to realize camera tracking
◆ Build-in feedback suppressor
◆ System includes FIFO(first in first out), LIFO(late in first out), auto mode, discussing mode and chairman mode etc
◆ It supports PELCO P/D, YAAN and SONY EVI-D70 camera agreement.
◆ AUX output and line output to fulfill external audio equipment, such as recorder
◆ Tel in and Tel out for telephone coupler to realize remote conference
◆ RS-232 connectors for video switch and central controller
◆ With 4 channels output, and each channel can support utmost 40 units. Up to 160 units in total
◆ Supporting 4 chairman units

ES-300C(Chairman unit)

ES-300D(Delegate unit)

Description for Microphone Unit
◆ Red ring indicator shows the active unit
◆ LCD window shows the operation information
◆ Built in loudspeaker
◆ Hyper directional gooseneck microphone
◆ Luminous design for ON/OFF button

◆ With volume adjustment

◆ With priority button in chairman unit to override all the delegate unit

System Specification
DC power:AC220V/50Hz
maximum current:1A
central controller:232 port
C/D unit interface:8P-DIN port
video input:232 port
audio input:RCA port/6.3 port XLR port
line output level:11dB
balance output level:11dB
audio input level:TEL input -15dB