LS5000 KTV Microphone

LS5000 Wireless receiver

·Dual Channel digital series receiver. High-quality reception, It have ID encryption,without interference,auto frequency selection and have intelligent feedback,use safety.
·It has『ACT』auto channel lockup key, transmit auto lock the work channel of receiver once you press the SET key.

Surge mode: PLL phase lock frequency compose
RF stabilization:±0.005%
Carrier wave frequency:UHF 500~950MHz(standard:740~790MHz)
Channels:200(Two Channels)
Received mode:Second frequency conversion receive
Sensitive:When excursion at 40KHz,input at 6dBuV,S/N>80dB
Max excursion:±68KHz have volume extend
T.H.D.:<0.5% @ 1KHz
Frequency response:50Hz~18KHz±3dB
Max output voltage:Independence balance: +10dB(2.5V)/600Ω,
mix unbalance: +4dB(1.25V)/5KΩ.
Mute control mode:『tone code and radio intension』double mute control
DC power:12V/500mA
Packing size:615(W) x 80(H) x 300(L)mm

G3 Wireless hand-held transmitter Auto intelligent mute series

·It can intelligent mute when it was stationary in 5 seconds. It can switch freely from mute to wake up.So it can inhibition of the Howling completely.
·Intelligent power management system can shut off the microphone power when it was stationary in 5 minutes. So it can solve the consumption probem of the microphone opening for a long time.
·It has High/Low transmit power switch, can be use in difference perform.
·High efficiency and low electric cost batteries can use 10 hours (high power) / 15 hours (low power) continuously
·It has『ACT』auto channel lockup key, transmit auto lock the work channel of receiver.
·Transmitting circuit, use two high efficiency and low electric cost batteries can use 12 hours efficiency.

Body material:Alloy zinc perfusion module
Surge mode:PLL phase lock frequency compose
Carrier wave frequency:UHF 500-950MHz (standard 740-790MHz)
Frequency adjust:Auto-locked receiver working channel
Output power:(High)30mW / (Low)3mW (or according to the electric wave rule of law)
Harmonious wave radiancy:<-55dBC
Max excursion:±68KHz
Directionality:Cardioid Dynamic
Battery:2 pcs x AA
Operation display:LCD display battery capacitance, channel, low-voltage warning
Max cover range: 60M